Coaching and Motivation

2 Attributes You Must Possess For Success 

You must possess focus and discipline in order to be successful in network marketing.

Focus and discipline... You can always learn what you don't understand or don't know, given the time.  But if you don't have the focus to achieve something and the discipline to go through the learning curve, you'll simply never achieve it or learn it.

You need to be willing to take a chance.  Realize that you are going to make mistakes... that is inevitable, it's part of the entire growing process.  You've got to be a risk taker, and you need to be wiling not to concern yourself with what other people think of you.

You need to be able to have confidence in your ability to make decisions and stick by them.  Face your fears.  Don't be afraid of making mistakes, understand that it's part of the process and that there is only one way to get that experience and that is "experience".

Network marketing creates a safe environment for people to get that "experience", but you must be focused and disciplined to be successful.

Commit to the Challenge of Leadership

Be a leader..... Look before you leap; think before you speak. Evaluate every action that you take publicly that represents network marketing.

Each time you represent your opportunity, whether in person, on the phone, on the internet or whatever, think about your words and actions.

Are you being honest and upfront with people about the reality of the time and energy commitment involved in building a successful business?

Do you make them aware that this business is one of consistency and persistence?

Are you acting with courtesy and integrity towards people, leaving them with a positive feeling about you and the company and profession that you represent?

If the person you are dealing with has already been approached about your opportunity, are you encouraging them to get back with that person and re-evaluate his or her options?

When you use the internet to find new business partners, are you engaging people as warm, living, breathing human beings, or are you hiding behind email and acting like a robot interested only in what each cyber-unit can do for you and your business?

I challenge you to build a successful, respected business for yourself, your company and your profession via the high road, and avoid the low road at all costs. We need your commitment to uphold the integrity of our profession.

I am committed to the challenge of leadership, are you?

10 Coaching Skills for Networking Success

To create amazing success in your network marketing business, start thinking more like a coach and apply these 10 skills:

1. Stay Connected - Human beings are all connected in some way. We are constantly looking for connections to others - co-workers, family, friends, colleagues, associates, neighbors - everyone.

2. Tune In - Really hear other people when they speak and fully listen to both the words and what is underneath the words. Have deep respect and compassion for others and be more concerned about being interested in other than being interesting yourself.

3. Greatness - See the great qualities, abilities, natural skills and talents in others. Let others know what you see and that you appreciate these gifts.

4. Support - Recognize when a person has a gap in their belief, feelings or actions. Support them to move through the gap to get to the other side where they desire to be.

5. Ask Powerful Questions - Find out what is blocking a person from success. Ask question that get to the heart of what is going on.

6. Observe - Make statements that are thought-provoking and cause others to think, ponder and consider newly-inspired thoughts.

7. Request to Take Action - Ask people to take action, make commitments and do what they are not comfortable doing, so they can grow outside their comfort zone. Make the request with no attachment to that person accepting or acting upon the request.

8. Embrace What is Working - Focus on your own thoughts and conversations on things you notice and feel are going well. Spend time and energy to take note of what is working.

9. Help Others Evolve - Assist others to envision their goals - helping them to see that they hold a bigger vision than they can imagine.

10. Truth - Always speak the truth. Speak from your heart and communicate with honesty, integrity and respect even if this means that you say things that the other person might not like to hear.

To create amazing success in your network marketing business, start applying these skills now. I'd be happy to coach you along the way.

Nine Characteristics of Leadership in a Network Marketing Company

What does the ideal network marketing company portray? Here are nine traits that, for me, characterize the ideal company:

1. Product a product or service that is in demand that people will purchase even if there was no financial gain.

2. To be able to view their distributors' need for information is of the utmost importance - distributors need to be keep in the loop on everything pertaining to the company.

3. Keep the information as simple or basic as possible - in other words the average person should be able to understand the compensation plan or product without struggling.

4. Make organizational report information available in real time. Any company should be able to do this with technology being as advanced as it is.

5. Pave the way for those who want to communicate more with their downlines. The company should provide distributors with a list of all their downline members in order to communicate effectively with them.

6. Provide distributors with all the necessary marketing materials to be successful.

7. Recognize the organization's need to be trained - very important!

8. Must have an "above-average" internet presence.

9. Listen to their organization - remember "TEAM" together everyone achieves more!

Sell the Way YOU Want to Be Sold

How many times have you been interested in a product or service, but have been so turned off by the salesperson that you didn't end up buying?

Unfortunately, this happens every day in the world of sales and network marketing is no exception. People love to buy, but hate to be sold.

Salespeople will argue that if they don't push the prospect and attempt to close him or her with a heavy hand, they won't be able to thrive and survive in the world of sales. Do you believe this? Do your front line leaders have this belief as well? If so, I am going to ask you to consider this simple yet powerful idea:

Sell the way you like to be sold. Prospects are afraid of being duped by fast-talking salespeople with flashy products and exaggerated claims. Your presentation should go in the opposite direction..... Under-promise and over-deliver.

Once you have established this level of trust and credibility, you're off to the races. If you sell the way you like to be sold, not only will you make more money, but you will also feel good about yourself at the same time!