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The Value of Advertising Utilizing Social Media

A lot of social interaction is done through the internet or with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter along with utilizing cell phones with today's technology. It has become both very convenient and more versatile, as these different modes of communication can be used in a variety of places and situations. In recent years, social media has been based on the internet platform, with cell phone communication often being a mobile form of that. However, social media not only offers a stage for those who are communicating one on one, but also for those who want to communicate to a wider audience.

The internet is unique in this way as there was, previously, no easy way to advertise what you had to say to the same wide sphere. This is particularly true if you want to do this on a regular basis. Social media also varies in the kind of medium that it might use. One of the most well-known forms of this type of media is the social networking site, and many of these sites get the most web traffic of all websites on the internet.

This is used world-wide as a form of having contact with those you know, retaining contact over a long distance without the cost of telephone calls and meeting those who have similar interests. These types of websites generally employ different types of media to do this, as well as different forms of communication. A user can upload or link a video or a written post to share with their friends that said friends can then comment on.

That user can also communicate with these friends via real time chat, or through a private messaging function much like email. Another form of social media involves uploading videos to share. These videos can be used as a platform for users to make opinions and messages known, or they can be used for more creative purposes or a combination of both.

This kind of medium offers a versatility that involves both visuals and sound and with the functions that modern computers have, these are easy to use. Blogs are more text-based, although links to videos and other types of multimedia can be posted and possibly embedded. Blogs can be used as a personal diary and in these cases the blogging network that they are part of can function as a way to make friends and meet people.

Blogs can also be used a way to broadcast information about a particular topic, such as fashion or cooking. In this way, blogs are useful to those who have knowledge on a specific subject that they would like to share.

One of the purposes of these is to increase traffic, since this can earn the blogger an income. There are also online venues for those who want to share artwork such as photography, drawing or writing. The primary idea here might seem to be to promote oneself, but these also serve as a way to share interests. In fact, this is one of the main charms of online social media for many people.

The sharing of common interests can lead you to meet others with the same interests. This can be a feature of most forms of these platforms. Many of these websites have a particular type of targeted visitor in mind, and this will take a certain amount of research on the part of those running the website.

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Marketing Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Banner Advertising Should Play an Important Part in Your Marketing

I have been involved in Network Marketing for 14 years and an Internet Marketer for 10 of those years. One thing that I realized early on is that in order to succeed in this marketplace you need to set yourself aside from your competition - including fellow distributors and marketers involved in the same business opportunity.

While most companies provide banners and promotional materials for their distributors, it becomes ineffective when hundreds or thousands of people are advertising the exact same banner. You want to be unique in appearance, verbiage and cause curiosity to entice people to visit your website.

Whether you are designing your own banner or I am designing it for you, here are some tips that you should consider:

Banner Advertisement Tip# 1: Research Your Competition

Before you go up against any competitor, you must know what they are capable of. Research high traffic websites that are relevant to your business and look for banner advertisements that they might be displaying. This is a good way to get ideas and also know what your competition is doing.

Banner Advertisement Tip# 2: Keep it Simple

The second thing that you should remember in designing a good banner is to make sure that you keep it short and simple. Banner advertisements are displayed together with other information, competing with other information, and compete with several other factors on the page for the user’s attention.

As opposed to print media where the advertisement takes up an entire page or more, a banner advertisement uses a small limited area. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the banner advertisements simple, easy to understand and straight to the point. Brief is a good way to make your banner advertisement effective.

Banner Advertisement Tip# 3: Throw in Some Magic Words

Because your space is limited on banners, using less is more effective. When you are designing your banner, make sure that you use fonts that are clear, easy to read and of appropriate size, but make sure to use as few words as possible. If your prospects are working people then they do not have the time to read a long-winded message in tiny text to figure out what you are selling. The key is to make an impact by using keywords relevant to information found on your website.

Banner Advertisement Tip# 4: Color Choice for Your Banner

It's always a good idea to choose colors that are the same as the website that the prospect will be going to after he clicks on the banner. This gives a sense of familiarity to the prospect when arriving on the website. In choosing the colors, make sure it coordinates with the website but also make sure you stand out from the other banner advertisements displayed there.

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