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IBOtoolbox is on fire! We are quickly approaching 50k targeted visitors daily. These are visitors finding our members through search engine results. They are finding IBOtoolbox member content and clicking to learn more. Many of our members are finding out that because of what IBOtoolbox does for them (for free), they are getting listed on the beginning page(s) of google, yahoo, and Bing. This is extremely targeted traffic, there is nothing like it. If you are not part of this, you are missing out.

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IBO is the best place for Network Marketers to network, socialize and promote their businesses. Continue reading and you will see what I mean!

To really benefit from being a member of this community, the first thing you need to do is to fill out your profile completely. IBO Toolbox promotes every post, blog and member throughout the web so it's essential that all your info is on your profile! It is on the Profile page that you add your picture, businesses, website links, social media links and videos.

Next, you need to add associates, lots of them! I recommend you start by adding
the people on the leaderboards that you see on the left side of the screen. These are the people that are getting the most exposure on the system so you want your name to be linked with their IBOSocial site. Your main goal is to get your name on these leaderboards!

Click on the name of the associate and send a request to him/her. The more associates you have, the more frequently your name and business will appear on the IBOsocial pages. The next best way to add associates is to click on the names under "Have we introduced you to" on the right of the page. Click on the circled black arrows to refresh to the next associate.

When someone invites you to become an associate, an orange circle containing a white + sign will appear under the word "PROFILE" at the top of your page.
Click on this and then accept the invitation by clicking on the green plus sign.

You will also notice ads on the right hand side. You may place these using credits, which you earn by logging in, inviting new associates to IBO, attending the webinars, writing blog posts etc. Be sure to write 2 blog posts every day, to do that, click on BLOGGER on the top toolbar.

How to earn credits:

- Write 2 blog posts per day (20 credits each for a total of 40 credits)
- Add new associates (100 credits per invitation accepted)
- Post on the wall - here you can welcome new people, "like" what you see, & be helpful and promote your business . Make sure to put http:// in front of your link to make it clickable when posting on the wall.
- Place text ads and banner advertising

**** The credits that you earn you can use to place ads on the sidebar. You get 500 impressions of your text ad for 100 credits, 100 impressions of your banner ad for 100 credits. More credits earned, more exposure to your business!
- To invite people, go to ADD/INVITE ASSOCIATES on the right of the dashboard and you will find your link in a box under "Your custom link".

There are some training links also available in the back office to help you on your way.

Paul does a wonderful training every Saturday morning and Wednesday evening - so book that time off on your calendar - events not to be missed!

There are also training videos and helpful blog posts on the Help page.

Have a great day, a wonderful time on IBO and much success with your chosen business!

Kris Karafotas

My IBOSocial page is here