Thursday, August 13, 2009

Would you cut & paste a simple ad if it would make you $100.00 over and over?

That’s right.... Can you Cut & Paste a Simple Ad and then Hit Send?

If you have this ONE simple skill, you can start generating $100 over and over again…

The problem is, you probably WON’T Do it.

You’ll think of every reason NOT To do it, so of COURSE it Won’t Work....

But if you can just literally STEAL the following Email, and send it EXACTLY where we tell you too, you could be earning $100.00 over and over again, by simply offering people FREE Training and a Duplicatable List Building System for them to use and who wouldn’t want that???

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Hi {!firstname},

That’s right. We’re not messing around.

Copy and paste this email and send it out to the special list
of sites we give you… and you earn $100 again and again.

Do you think you can swipe this email right now… and then
resubmit somewhere (we show you where) in about 15 minutes?

Because if you do have the skill to copy ONE email and send
it to where we tell you… you can be making about $100 over
and over again…

That’s what I do.

I use this ONE EMAIL and I send it out… and I earn again and again.

In the process, I also get free access to training, videos, blogs,
and list building tools that are so viral it’s scary (in a good way).

I was totally dazed and confused about online marketing listening
to so-called “gurus” keeping me buying expensive courses and
coaching again and again… I DUMPED THAT CRAZINESS!

Now I keep it **simple** and people LOVE IT.

I copy & paste this email and send it…

I get about $100 again and again.

And it gets better…

They do all the “selling”

And it gets even better…

When they close sales for the people I invite…
I make another (about) $20 bucks again and again… and
this time it’s 100% passive.

I do NOTHING for that one.

So… one last time…

Do you think you can copy & paste and steal my email
and send?

If you could do that… you can be making $100
again and again too…

I’ll show you how step-by-step inside… just click for info.



That’s it. If you can do that, not only will you be helping a TON of people who need Simple Marketing Training and a way to build their list fast, but you will stand to make $100.00 Direct Commissions and $20.00 Passive Commissions, as the Trainers at the Traffic Plan Train your guests, and close your Prospects for you.

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